A New Location

Gormanston beach ,  County Meath,  is right on my doorstep, yet last friday was the first time I headed here for a sunrise.   I was richly rewarded for my early start as it was a very beautiful dawn indeed.The tide was fully out, so it took me about ten minutes to walk down to the shoreline.
I always try to include a bit of headland in a “minimalist” shot like this as I feel it gives a sense of placement to the image.   Anyone familiar with Gormanston beach will immediately be able to identify the beach and place themselves exactly where I stood.  I enjoyed my visit so much that I went back again the next morning for sunrise, this time accompanied by two friends, Joe and Tony,  from Malahide Camera Club.
Looking forward to many more trips to this beautiful beach.

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  1. What a beautiful shot of Gormanston beach Eimhear! All the times I have been there but certainly never saw it as magnificent as this! Looking froward to following your Blog

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