The Fairy Tree

I have taken quite a few few photos of the Fairy Tree in Knockbridge, County Louth over the past 9 months.

History :

When the Milesians, that mythical race described by an 11th century scholar in Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of Invasions), came to Ireland they banished the natives to the underground and they became the Sidhe, the fairy folk who live underground and sometimes reside in certain trees or bushes, usually of the hawthorn variety. You don’t want to disturb the fairy folk or you might bring some bad luck on yourself !

Cutting down one of these Fairy Trees would certainly disturb them ! so that’s why you might see a lone tree in the middle of a farmers field, the base piled up with stones and a small fence.. just to be sure someone does  not accidently bump into it.

The farmer, Pat who owns this field has always been very kind about access to his land.  He is a great man for a chat .  He told us on our last visit to the Fairy Tree at the weekend that there will be grass in the field for the next 10 years.   This is the first year since 1968 that he has not had crops in the field.  As a small thank you for always being so nice, I gave him a framed image , as above on a visit there last weekend.    He was delighted as he does not actually have any images of the Fairy Tree himself.   He did have one, but when his daughter emigrated to the USA, she took it with her as the tree is a very special place for herself and her husband.  He proposed to her beside the Fairy Tree.

As a photographer, it will be more challenging to capture images if there are no crops in the field as there will be no leading lines as in the above image.   But we all love a challenge !

I entered this image last year to Tallaght 24th International Salon of Photographic Art 2014, and was delighted when it was awarded a Ribbon, scoring 15/15 from the 3 judges.

I was thrilled to learn last evening that this same image is being used as a header for their website, Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2015.

Looking foward to many more visits to this magical location over the years  🙂

Thanks to for the historical info.