Day 6 of The Plague

It is now Day 6 of The Plague, and this is how I look and feel today !

We had 2 Seascape workshops last weekend,  and unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us on both days.  As a result we both got badly drenched 2 days in a row.

I fell ill on Monday evening  and have been confined to bed all week with a high temperature and pounding headache.    I cannot ever remember being as sick in all my life as I have been for the past week .  I have gotten through industrial amounts of Lemsip, Nurofen, Cough medicine, Tyrozets.  And today I have introduced some new goodies into the mix …..Sinutab.

I am beginning to wonder will I ever see the light of day again..  Since I started the photography in  2011, this is the longest I have ever been without taking photos..

Missing being out with my camera on the shoreline !!

Thank You to Nurse Bryan for all the TLC 😉