Show Time !

Yesterday, 20th March 2015 Ireland experienced a Partial Solar Eclipse. Partial Solar Eclipses are caused by a shadow created by the moon as it passes between the earth and the sun.    Although they happen quite regularly around the world eclipses are quite rare in Ireland .  The last one was 16 years ago and the next one is not due till 2026.

I headed to Dunany, County Louth with friend and fellow photographer, Brian Hopper to witness the event.   We arrived at the beach at 8:15am  and set up our tripods at the shoreline.   There was heavy cloud cover when we arrived.   Fortunately there was a break in the clouds at just the right time.   At around 9:17 am the clouds parted and we had close to ideal viewing conditions for a few seconds at Dunany.     It got a little colder and calm & it was very peaceful.    After taking a few images of the scene before our eyes,  I quickly switched lenses  from a wide angle to a zoom  , and pointed towards the sky  to capture the main image shown ( and first 2 below )and grab as many shots as I could .  The cloud cover was acting wonderfully as a natural filter for me reducing the brightness to a large extent.   I was’nt using any filters for these shots.  They were handheld.  The last two images were taken with the 16-35mm lens,   camera on tripod and 2 Lee Graduated filters were used.

It was wonderful to witness this event .  I thought it was amazing.  Quite a phenomenon to see.


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